4 comments on “Dear America, 

  1. Population is concentrated in cities. The vast majority of the country is sparsely settled farmland. The interests and viewpoints of people who live in the cities vary greatly from the people who tend cattle and pick cotton. Were the US to enact your proposed solution, the voices of the people on the farms would be severely marginalized.


    • I never said it would be that easy and I do understand that is a problem. We need some sort of middle ground so we can compromise. Do I see that happening anytime soon? I hope so. The polarization is an issue and we need to be more unified and understanding of both sides. I don’t deny that. 🙂


      • I just really don’t think that moving to a majority decides election process solves anything. One can’t even say that such a process would have given you the result you sought in this election.

        Yes, I know that Hillary won more votes, but each side’s strategy was based on getting electoral votes, not popular votes. If the game were different, the strategies would have been different.


        • I’m okay with not always getting the results I want, that is completely understandable. I am not thrilled about how the results come about. I don’t have a well thought out solution for a different game with different strategies but perhaps it’s time we have a change. I will continue traveling and seeing the world and all it has to offer with different cultures and perspectives, and fighting/supporting for what I believe in, being considerate to everyone no matter who they are or what they believe.


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