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Follow me to see and travel the world differently.  In the Travel Tips page, you will find helpful (and additional sarcastic) info on what to pack, how to prepare for an upcoming trip, how to save money on flights and accommodation pre-trip, how to save money on food and experiences during your trip, etc. If you want information on anything in particular that I may have left out, or you have additional ideas and feedback, feel free to comment about them in that page, or email me. Travel Life is my blog dedicated specifically to travelling, which will include posts from my day to do travels, thoughts, and experiences.

I created this site initially so I don’t explode everyone’s Facebook news feed with constant posts from me, as it can annoy some people to have to scroll down and see posts from only one person. So instead, I can write one status on Facebook directing friends to come to this site, as well as being able to reach people outside my current social network. A few of my goals are to make connections, inspire others, and let others inspire me. This website is one way to achieve those things.

Up through this time in my life, I have spent various time in 6 continents. School and work were priorities, and trips were spaced out over the past 22 years of my life. That has since been changed! I have already been researching the rest of my travel ideas, plans and projects. With significant consideration over what I want for myself and where I currently am in life, I have decided this is the time to do what I have been talking about doing for many years. My plan is to travel to as many places on and off the beaten track as possible, using the Traveler’s Century Club list as a supplementary reference. I learn best through experience, always have and always will. I don’t see a better way to learn about the world other than to, well, go there. I had been to quite a few places already, but my experiences since August 2015 (mainly Peru) have especially helped shape me into a more mature, passionate, and overall happier person. My occasional rants of cynicism about certain systems and institutions are driven by my ideals and hopes of mindfulness, peace, compassion, and respect. Throughout my world travels, I continue to develop into the person I want to and can be through my experiences with people everywhere in the world, which is something I recommend and and encourage others to do too!

When I travel anywhere, I want to do the touristy things and the must-sees, BUT I also want to experience life as the locals live. To truly get a deeper understanding of a new place, I find it best to experience the less talked about activities, places, foods, etc. that make that place what it is to the people who live there (people of the contemporary world AND native cultures). That is how I travel. I spend as much time as I feel I need in order to achieve this goal, but of course also keeping track of visa requirements and safety issues. It is easy to meet people and make friends everywhere you go, and socializing with fellow travelers and locals is always fun. 🙂 It is also a great opportunity to reconnect with people I have met during previous trips, as people come from all over the world to many activities I have participated in. I do welcome people to join me when they can, though, even if their return flight is sooner than mine. The most significant changes in maturity, objectives, perspectives, and overall becoming a better human have been the result of traveling this way.

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    • Thanks, that means a lot! And yours looks good to! If we’re ever in the same place I’d love to get together and share experiences. 🙂


      • Sounds great! I look forward to reading about your Icelandic adventure. I’m looking for insider knowledge for things to do when I go next year


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