United States Cross-Country Train Ride

I went around the entire country of the U.S. solely by Amtrak trains. Amtrak has a wide range of routes that allows you to go [almost] everywhere by train. I even had some time to explore Seattle, Chicago, New York, and New Orleans! There is a guy who did a train ride from Emeryville, CA to New York, and his experience can be viewed here. It was a cool that someone has already done that, but just going straight across America wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted mooooore! (sung in the tune of Part of Your World from Little Mermaid).

The trip was mostly enjoyable, of course nothing is perfect. In general, I enjoyed the food and the new friends and the sights and the experiences! Would I do it again? Probably! My experiences from my round-the-country Amtrak trip can be viewed here!


The blueprints of the trip are as follows:

Emeryville to Seattle (spend the night and have time during the next day)

Seattle to Chicago by way of the northern states (dinner in Chicago)

Chicago to New York (spend the night and have time during the next day)

New York to New Orleans by way of the eastern states (spend the night and have time during the next day)

New Orleans back up to Chicago (breakfast and lunch in Chicago)

Chicago to Emeryville by way of midwest and southwest, stop in Los Angeles, then up to Emeryville.

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