United Kingdom

I was here for a short amount of time when I was eleven with my brother and parents. What I remember was amazing! We have some family members there that showed me this youtube video called Pib and Pog. We saw a lot of castles, cathedrals, mausoleums. Each and every one of them was uniquely beautiful. We visited some sites of Harry Potter filming of course, went to an apparently kid-friendly pub, a wax museum, more museums, and fooooooood! We did not go on the London Eye due to my fear of heights. This trip was a significant turning point in my perspective on fears, although that didn’t click until some years later. Now I would rather regret doing something than not doing something, and I refuse to let my fear of something interfere with experiencing it.There is psychology involved with that, and I will discuss in my post about cognitive dissonance and its uses for conquering your fears! 🙂 Aaaaanyway…England. It was cool but I was young and definitely need to go back there now that I am older and am capable of understanding more.

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