United States

I live here. I was born and raised on the west coast, but went to school in New York and love it there too! For where I live now, I do enjoy that within an hour I can get to a wide range of experiences from beaches, to forests, to amusement parks, to stay-cation-like activities. Of course I love traveling outside of the country, but I do want to see all that this country has to offer. I plan to achieve this goal in two main travel ways: a train trip around and across the country, and then a road trip through all 48 continental states. (Alaska and Hawaii will be visited all in due time. First up: the train trip, which I am currently working on the details for. My idea is to start in Sacramento, go through the northern states, around the east and down through the southern states back to Sacramento, then straight to New York via Chicago, stay a few days in New York, then fly back. That is my ideal trip, but as always plans can change at any moment so stay tuned!

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