3 comments on “How to: Budget for Travel- Before, During and After

  1. Alyx, love the blog and read it religiously. This one disappointed me, for one reason only – you promised to discuss packing in detail and didn’t. I hope you do in the future. Even though I’ve been traveling all over the world for 50+ years, and always go carry-on, though with a suitcase, not a backpack, I can always use help with it. Any ideas I can glean from you will be greatly appreciated.
    Love, Aunt Suzanne


    • Hi Suzanne, thank you! Yes I am working on making a video for packing as well as a detailed list of what I pack and why I take or leave certain things. I had to order some replacements that ended up being backordered 😦 hopefully everything comes in soon and then I’ll crank out the video! I will do the writing list first and that will be my next post 😦


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